Sunday, March 29, 2009

My dream woman

When I first look at her, I realize that the world is so wonderful. She is too perfect for someone that could be her side all living. She is the one that I waiting for and I cannot stand for. Just like an angel falling down from heaven. Exists for someone living and make him perfect at all. With a very cute and baby face, her smile could make anyone being crazy. By just looking at her beautiful face and everything would be difference

Why NABI MUHAMMAD had mad significant impact to my life

The existed of our great Nabi Muhammad is the biggest impact to all human changes in life. The prophet nabi Muhammad has made a biggest changes to the world as the Islam has began to introduce to human weather they can accept that or not. Islam has been spread out through the world to all countries starting by his land Makah. Bring out together with their strength, coming to all the countries trying to introduce human about real life had made a large numbers of human in this world realized that islam is the correct path for their life. Our prophet nabi Muhammad has been remembered in all muslim mind as the great follower to go.

experience on sitting for test

at the moment i heard about test i think it is funny....always make me laugh whenever it come to my sense. but why it being so funny to me???.. that was because i always think it is just a simple task that i need to do. however when the time is coming i feel so nervous. all the screams come to me. i have not prepared for nothing but i think i have done all my best. i really hope i will get better mark since i had push lots of efforts on doing that. what i want all of you to know is i sincerely do my test. very....very...very...sincere

Friday, March 27, 2009

my dream woman

how i spend my holiday

During the last mid- semester break, my friend and I have a lot of funs together at Jeju Island. That was my first experience flying to the foreign country. It was so wonderful and I wish I will go there for one more time in my life. The place is so beautiful and I never expected I can go there for my real life. It was my happiest moment in my life and I will never forget it. I have spent a lot of funs there for a days. But for the most interesting moment is when I saw the snow felt from the blue sky. It was so means to me. I have dream for the whole of my life to go there.

best thing that had ever happened in my life

I’m still remember at the first time I went to langkawi. At that time I was very excited because all of my family was waiting for me there. Since I have not come back to home for a long time, I miss them so much and I can expected what will happen when I am around. At the first night at home, they were surprised me by having a small birthday party at Awana. At that time, all of my relatives came to wish me. I felt so happy and glamorous as it was my first birthday celebration in my life. I am still remember that time I hope it would never erases from my mind.

Sunday, February 22, 2009